Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Relational PMP Study Aid

MetaTeam is project management software for high performance team collaboration.

We created MetaTeam to be simple and friendly enough for anyone.  And we have been pleased to see people with a wide range of skills use MetaTeam for all kinds of purposes.

But MetaTeam is also designed to support project teams following formal standards like the PMBOK (the Project Management Body of Knowledge), and to work well alongside advanced Critical Path scheduling tools like Microsoft Project or ProjectLibre.

Serious stuff indeed!

Because of this we encourage our team to be certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP).

As many of the readers of this blog know, preparing for the PMP exam is a non-trivial exercise in learning the details, processes and standard language of project management.

We would like to offer a free tool we use internally to help other PMP candidates in their studies.

NOTE: Part 2 of this post is now up. It offers a ready-to-go Access version of the database.

Update: a reader points out that the image is of the PMBOK 3rd Edition. My bad! The database includes information from the 4th Edition, not the 3rd. Thank you for pointing this out.

Of course PMI’s Guide to the PMBOK is the best resource to learn the standard knowledge.

But sometimes the Guide on its own is not enough.

To make the process of learning easier on our team we have created a few tools for our own studies.  One of them we think may be helpful for others.

It is a SQL database mapping the PMBOK standard into a relational model.  The PMBOK database takes the relational structure of the standard body of knowledge, as presented in the Guide, and puts it into a form that is easy to query.

We also compiled a dataset to fill the database.  It isn’t the Guide in whole cloth, but the overlap is substantial.

To read more about why we created it, what it contains and how we used Altova’s DatabaseSpy product to do it read the full article here.

And to download the database for your own (non-commercial) use, click here, or the link at the bottom of the full article.

Happy studying! And let us know how it goes.

A quick corporate word about this database script and its contents.  Please feel free to use it as an overview of standard project management thinking under a share-alike license for non-commercial purposes.  It is offered as-is with no warrantee or fitness for any purpose.  It does not map to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge precisely and includes information and assumptions not found in PMI's summary of the standard committee's work.  Undoubtedly the data contains errors and omissions that you must handle on your own.  And please remember that it is just an example and not intended as a substitute for anything or for any specific purpose.  If you have questions about the schema, data or usage please contact us.


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